Sunday, December 26, 2010

yes, it's a blog.

i have been so out of it as far as friends go and i'm sorry for that.
without even realizing it i have kinda fluttered away in my own little world.

this christmas could not have been better.. because... i have a new nephew!! i didn't know a baby could bring so much happiness. i love that little baby sooo much and he's not even mine!!

lately i have had a conflict with feeling like going to church is getting me judged and it's frustrating. i am trying to make something of myself. i am not sure how i'm doing but really i promise i am trying. church it's something i'm trying to give another hard go at and so far it's been great. it's those times though when the little comments come out of peoples mouth about how "good" i am. it's not that. i am not trying to be the "better person" or the one that is more holy than the next. i go to church because i feel apart of something. it makes me feel like maybe i do have a purpose.

i guess this is another one of my many rambling blogs.

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  1. I understand completly with the whole church thing. Its hard, but you know the truth, and hopefully people will understand soon too.

    And i am so happy for you and your family! I bet he is the most amazing little boy! I love you!