Tuesday, June 30, 2009

what goes on in three years..

this blog was suppose to be cooler but i don't have the creativity i though i did.

from looking superrr young and dorky..
to only semi young and dorky -------------
went from being invited to creation '06 to..

going on four mission trips (even if they weren't all out of the country or scary)
little iris dawn has gone from second grade to just about to enter 2nd grade
to entering her last year of elementary school this fall. (even though she still looks like a second grader)

to taking a different path from my closest friend junior year

[no picture because i don't know what i did with all of them]

to gaining a second family that is always there no matter WHAT the situation be it death, birthdays, baptisms, just because, missions, happiness, sadness, just anything. i love them a ton!!!