Monday, August 10, 2009

thoughts in my head.

i need to be looking at the positive side of things, the brighter side..

things have been getting tough.. but things have to get tough to get better. there is always a valley you have to make your way through.

i have been in the valley for around two years now it's getting to be about time that i find my way out. people have been pushing me along the way trying to help me figure things out and get things together. for most of that time though i have sincerely sucked at taking any ones advice. i have been trying to get along though..i got to driving, found a new job, moved out of my moms, tried to find out who i was a little harder.

that seems like a lot but in the mix of it all i forgot i'm trying to figure out who i am. this past year i have changed so much. i have been molded much more like the people around me than i want to be. i need to break away and figure out who i am again if i ever really knew. i am so thankful for the friends in my life. this past month has been amazing but so hard at the same time. i have decided to make a big change that i am scared to death of, i realized that i am no an outcast as much as i thought, i can semi stand up for myself and get a reaction, and the best decisions tend to be some of the hardest.