Sunday, May 31, 2009

good times, great oldies.

okay so really there are no great oldies but it makes for good title..i think??

right now i'm visiting the breece's!
yesterday we were trying to think of different things to do and we decided the mall close to seattle was the best plan so we headed for the mall.
we looked at a few different stores but i have to say the funnest thing there was the photo booth outside rain forest cafe'. i
after the mall we decided to head to seattle to find the troll form 10 things i hate about you.
becki is amazing and drove right to it not even knowing.
haaha i love that troll he is pretty amazing the only thing that isn't is the gay drama club that was going over their scrips right in front of it which made is very difficult to take a good picture but their very phony accents were pretty funny i must say.
when we got back to enumclaw we played so badminton which i have to say i am not so great at but i love it!!

ohhh yeah and i got a facebook message telling me to call someone and yeah i have to say i'm sure excited about what the person has planned it's going to be a great time!!


today should be radical too bah haha.