Wednesday, July 8, 2009

so we had an idea..

Mare and I have always laughed at this picture and we decided that it would be funny to re-create it..
so here is the best we could do..
haha it isn't so great but heh at least we gave it a shot... we're actually not sure who is who in the photo we think we may have done it wrong.. but oh well.
while looking for that picture i came across some others...
i love this picture i totally remember taking it at minga's cabin in colville... that's where mary got stung by her first bee and now screams if one comes anywhere near her.. i love that place!
sooo this is like one of the closest thing we have to knowing what our "maybe dad" might look like... bobbie jean is his "for sure" daughter (the red head on the right)
i love that we are almost the friggin size of missy and she was about 9 yrs. old.
this picture makes me laugh. if you know me you know i have weird scare right under my bottom lip where my teeth went through ( in becki's words i'm "like indiana jones"). well this picture was taken right after i fell. hah i have never seen it before and ya it's pretty funny.