Thursday, August 6, 2009

a blog with no title.

to much to spill out at once but yet i'm going to attempt.

i'm back in yakima...
i go back tomorrow and it almost panics me to think about it.
south dakota was more than i expected it to be.
i miss shantell, bill, and now enumclaw.
i need to stay happy.
ever feel like you are on the verge of crashing, breaking down??
i have been like that all day. but i'm okay i will be fine.
to go from something so great to blah in a week is a little hard to take in.
what did i get from south dakota??
i realized show a kid love and they will always remember you.
my passion to help kids is stronger than i ever knew.
shantell reminds me way too much of myself when i was eight.
bill has the ability to make me laugh at almost anything.
i can easily fit into a group.
i made more friends in a week than i have in two years.
when i cry people tend to freak but in a sweet way.
things go on that i have no way of explaining and that scares me.
somethings are really hard to find a way to doubt.
it makes me feel good when people feel they can talk to me.
becki thanks for being there.
even while i was in south dakota and i called you.
if i didn't have you to ramble to i would freak out.
i love you msbff!

changes in a year.

last year i got really close to mya... so of course going back this summer i was really hoping to get to see her and know how she is doing. three days passed though with mya being a no show. but bill saved the day. the last day we were there i was determined to see her before we left so i asked bill if he could drive us to her house... her cousin tory mentioned she was sick and has just gotten back from her dad's but anyways.. i got to see mya! we spend around atleast like an hour or so glued together. i love that she totally still remembered who i was.. there was doubt that she would remember me at all but it was amazing.

she was so little last year and not to mention she was a little lighter haaha.
she is getting so big! hah but its so crazy to know it's been a year since i met this crazy amazing little girl.

then there is shayna. she is a quite one but she is stuck at your side as soon as you talk to her. but anyways this year when i saw her and said hey shayna how are you she was so excited. hah she didn't remember me but man was she excited when i remembered her.

this picture was right before a ran storm where little miss shayna totally fell asleep on my lap in the church. it was so cute.

can't leave out iane. i am pretty sure i have only heard her say maybe three words. she doesn't like to talk. the first day she was avoiding people but i sat down and colored with her so then the second day she came right to me and sat on my lap it made me feel pretty special ((:

she has grown probably the most out of the three of them it was crazy when i did a double take and realized it was her!