Monday, June 29, 2009

countdown run summa '09

so here is my countdown for the summer of '09 something may or
may not happen but hey at least it's something to think about and look
forward to.

i might be goin to creation fest for the fourth time but just
for the day depending if anyone wants to go with so yeah but it's at the end of july sometime.

if nothing falls through i'm heading to south dakota again on the 23rd of july!!
i'm reallyyy hoping mya will be there.
then on august 29th missy bought tickets to see hinder, nickleback, papa roach and some other band. her plan is to just sleep on the ground at the gorge however my plan is to be the DD and get us home that night haha it should be funnn.

then mare and i have talked about going to back to disneyland without our mom since we got back from there like 9 or 10 years ago. so randomly we have planned and booked a trip there! if things go as planned we leave september 10 and we arrive back home the 15th. we will have a five day park hopper with a ticket to universal.

any who this is my countdown as of right now.