Tuesday, September 22, 2009

i miss the 1990's...

dude i'm 21 and haha i miss being a kid!
the 90's were so amazing.
so here is a look at some of the thigns i miss most..

everyday after school it was tang time! i get a huge headache from the stuff but it's soo good.
i remember trying to put a handful in at once and not freak out i never won contests.

you could only be a fan of one nsync or backstreet boys and i loved me some backstreet boys.

if anything i was a the ultimate face of the spice girls. i hate journals, cd's, books, the movie everything spice girls haha geri for some reason was my favorite.
dude giga pets use to be the things that got taken away from you at school and you would freak out because they could die but now it's cell phones.

way back when me and the neighbor boy were the only ones with a gameboy color in the trailer court. the poor guy had a pink one so i was nice and traded my sweet lime green one with him.
johnny, jeremy, missy, mary, and i all collected pogs they for some reason were the best christmas present you could get one year.

doug was and still is one of the best shows ever i will never deny it!

rugrats was like spongebob is now. you couldn't miss it. it was soooo amazing!!
mary and i would get in our beds and be a little freaked out but still totally determined to watch are you afraid of the dark. haha it was ridiculous.

oooo and you can't forget bubble gum bubble gum in a dish... ahah yeah....

byyy all means i was a 90's kid and i LOVED IT!