Tuesday, March 3, 2009

breakkk time!

i have decided it's break time from the mom.
can't deal with all her little problems anymore.

i should have decided this along time ago but i just don't think i was actually ready.
anyways i am determined to just stay away from all her little drama and problems.
it's too much and it only brings me way down.

i have only not talked to her by choice for two days and i feel so happy.
it's weird i have gone longer without talking to her but not really by choice so it only upset me.

this may not last long but i hope it does.
chances are i will give in even though i know i shouldn't but so far so good.

things are going goooood! i am so happy for that. i love my mom but i don't love her actions.
it's going to be super tough once she starts trying to contact me.
i'm nervous that i am going to run into her somewhere i don't know what i would do.
all the talking about me to other people is just to much.
i need a break. it's that simple. this might seem extremely conceded but it's what i have decided to do so no talking if i can help it.

maybe i should run far far away ha ha then there would be no conflict!