Wednesday, February 25, 2009

courtroom with a little pain.. haha.

so today started out pretty good. ming and i were goin to go see marley and me and not plan anything else but just stayin home. but that ended up not working out. but it worked out semi good because missy wanted someone to go to court with her to try and bring the price of ther ticket down. anyways we got to the courtroom two minutes early in the process missing "role call" like we are in first grade or something so we had to sit and listen to all the cases some of which were really funny and you couldn't help but laugh. so yeah we were the last called after two and a half hours or so of waiting lameness. we were suppose to be called like only a half hour after waiting. missy's ticket went from almost 700 to just 125.
after all that missy wanted to go see mary get her tattoo done. yuck. i wanted to get sick the idea of stabbing a needle into your body is kinda gross. haha and mare was getting a tattoo on her stomach fixed which is a horrible thing because we are both way overly ticklish haha and she tends to cry not laugh even if you are just touching her stomach so there she lay not crying because it's hurting but crying because it tickles it was pretty funny. i haven't seen the finished tattoo because missy and i went to go get the kids. but yeah it was lookin pretty good. mary called and said she bled through her jeans kinda grosssss.

but yes that is my day. not much to it.
everything is going well for the most part minus my mom etc.
ohh but minga is like super sad which is no good so i have been trying to make her happy but it turns out i'm not very good at it... "oh well".