Saturday, December 19, 2009

over a thousand no big deal.

i'm selling pure gift certificates again today
even though i tried to get myself geared for it yesterday i really had not.
i didn't seem to ever have more than a moments break from helping someone who wanted mercy money.
so in grand total when skip and i figured it out i sold over a thousand gift certificates yeah people are stupid and truly go at the last minute. today shall be even funner i'm sure of it.

last night however we had the work christmas party at like eleven thirty at night so i wasn't planning to stay too long. i stayed for the gift exchange and while everyone ate.. then kayla decided i had to be her partner for the stupid candy cane hunt (i didn't want to do it because they hid candy canes all over the theatre in ten different houses and i was wearing slippery shoes so it wasn't like i could run.) so anyways we each found a big candy cane which there was one hidden in each house and then three regular ones each and got first place which meant we got ten dollar gift cards to starbucks... good thing we both drink coffee.. not... seeing as be both hate it. but yeah the nerdy twenty one year olds won. oh and for the gift exchange martin gave me twenty dollars to pacsun i feel bad because the limit was ten i love that kid. haha.

oh and i have been texting johnny because i heard he might not come for christmas which would have been disappointing to everyone...anyways he's coming home tonight (: we decided to keep it from minga because she didn't think he would be able to come and has been down about it. so yes johnny will be home tonight.

Monday, December 14, 2009

how it is.

i have three days to do absolutely nothing which is both a good and bad thing.

is bad because i don't like feeling lonely and bored but that is totally something i can handle.

it's good because it is still snowing out and my car has officially decided it hates the snow this year. i totally ran a stop sign going on under 10mph. i don't know what was up with my car but yeah i don't think i'm going to be driving to work this year i think i will be hitching rides. but who knows that might change.

when i go back to work on friday i think i get to sell the glorious mercy movie money tickets for the next week nothing else. people are slightly insane and love to spend hundreds of dollars at a time on five dollar certificates. it will be a joy... i'm sure.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

wish list.

random people have been asking me what's on my "wish list" and umm i don't think i have actually had made a wishlist since i was maybe five. anyways i figured it might be fun to make one this year. they things are in no order what so ever.

*grey's anatomy box set (sounds insane expensive but in reality it's only about 70.00 for all five seasons compared to 40.00+ for just one season.)

*last book of the twilight series-breaking dawn or anything twilight.

*the the first taylor swift cd or the newest special edition one.

*anything from fuego haha.

*any of the following posters: the ugly truth, time travelers wife, 10 things i hate about you, or a walk to remember.

*a trip to forks, wa hahaha or queen anne hill to find the grey's intern house bah haha.

*to hear from little miss shantell in someway. (:

*clothes they are always good. ;)

*grey's anatomy game or guitar hero game for DS.

*jason castro cd.

*digital picture frame.

*new converse.

*grey or brown northface denali jacket ebay status.

*anything from the grey's anatomy shop online.