Friday, April 10, 2009

good-bye chandra hello mr.mercy. >:|

So today was the first time I worked with the new manager.
To put it nicely he is a piss off! Bleh!
He gets there late! Doesn't turn on any lights or get anything started.
Forgets to get money put in the tills. Retard.
Brushes up against any of the girls working saying oops which it was no oops any of the times he did it.
He has a brace on his hand and when a girl asked him how he hurt his hand he made an awful perverted jesture! He is so so so sick!!
Chandra was the only manager there that was fun to go to work and see. Now that she is gone work will never be something to look foward to at all!!
Oh and to top it all off.. Kayla and Linda were asking when was turned 21 and friggin Steve Mercy was like what you are not turning 21 i'm pretty sure you got hired not to long ago when you had just turned 16 and made me show him i.d. grrr!! That is not something I enjoy being told!
Oh and it's my joy to get to work with him tomorrow night and i'm in box where he likes to sit and jabber away to whoever is in there!
Anyways yeah this is my strange blog about the crappy cinema..

Just a thought..