Sunday, January 17, 2010

just a blog.

i am blogging for absolutely no reason.
today has not been amazing but that's okay because it's almost over ;)

sometimes i try to see if i really have a basis to be against certain people or upset with certain people. then they do something that reminds me that i think i really do. gah :( nights like tonight or days like today i wish didn't have to occur.

it's all okay. i can only say oh well and ignore it.

believe it or not i do realize how dry and dull my blogs are but i just am not sure how to word certain things. or how to express what's going on truly in my head.

one of the changes i was going to make this year was to be true to my emotions. to express what i want to and not hold back in certain ways. it may not make sense or sound ridiculous but to me it's sort of a big thing. and if i follow through with that change hah no doubt i will be letting out a lot by the time i go to bed. i'm dumb when i'm tired and flustered. thanks for reading i will stop the pain of such a pointless blog now.