Tuesday, April 21, 2009

struggling to say something of meaning..

nothing i tend to say lately comes with much meaning..
with any true passion.
it is just nonsense ramblings of my life.
what is it in my life that gives me a meaning that makes my heartache and burn
i have been trying to figure this out for awhile but struggle to find the answer.
so i still find myself struggling to say something of true meaning..
something that makes me vulnerable and open to those around me.

just a thought filled day.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Today was something else.

I haven't had to work a double at the Cinema for awhile so I knew it was coming just wish that it wasn't.. anyways okay so today I worked from 11:30-10:15. To say the least it was not that enjoyable but then again when is it ever there?

But okay so my day started out pretty alright I didn't have to work with the pervert manager that I truly think I might hate with a passion for the first half. I got to work with Jason though who is the head manager and really hard to read whether he is angry or kidding. ANYWAYS... It was pretty calm the first set of movies of the day and this one Indian lady that always comes came to my line. She isn't just a normal Indian lady she is a religious fanatic.. like crazy fanatic she makes me laugh. But I was asking her what pop she wanted and she goes.. " you have a lisp don't you" and I said " no not that I am aware of, i am pretty sure that don't" she said "no, you do and you can have school paid for for free because you and handicap" .. what the crap! I am not handicap nor do I have a frigging lisp. But I politely just agreed with her and she went on to talk about how it's a scam and they want you to stay in school forever and if you're special they won't ever let you graduate. Man such great times at the cinema not. She came out of her movie talking about genocide and how Satan was in the movie. I don't even know!

Steve the perv manager came to take over for Jason at around five-ish. That guy is such a creeeepo! He has to flirt with like every girl there. He started talking about how is dad use to drink and it was kinda awkward.. then about how he was a planned baby, and then when on to talk about how he plays beer pong and has smoked week like why would i care? Yay for you! It was like he had diarrhea of the mouth. If he knew me at all he would no that i'm not open and don't just start conversations and open up like that. Grrr. Oh well. After all that stuff he was a total PRICK and shouting out stupid orders left and right. He doesn't get that he can't tell us to do different duties the retard should know that there is a chart in back that says all the duties for the day and I did them way earlier in the morning. Man this blog doesn't really honor what a creep and asshole he truly is. One thing I am so thankful is that I was in concession with a couple other people so it wasn't as horrible as being in box and listening to his nastiness. Oo one more thing so the ass didn't let me take out my 2.00 tip after he collected the tills so now my till is over 2.00 and all he said was i'm pretty sure Dale ( the head of all the theatres) will not be happy but who cares. Well of course he doesn't his mom owns the theatre but I do! I'm overly worried now. I can't stand him.

Oh but during break Jenn Kepler called and I hung up not realized I was getting a call but yeah I am kind of excited to catch up with her and see how she is.

And Benny boy called! It was super weird to hear his voice!! We kinda had bad reception so we didn't talk long but I loved it. I talked to him on facebook last night and he is so much like me with all his struggles and things to bad the kid lives in Texas/ Oklahoma. So lame but i'm gonna give him a call tomorrow so that is another exciting thing happening.

Not much else went on oh but I want to Shari's with I think like seven other people from work and some how they got on the topic of how I am "hella funny and it's even better that I don't' have to try" haaa I don't think I am but it's cool some people think so. I was kinda retarded and dumb tonight just because I was super tired and ready to leave. Some chick was trying to start a fight with another worker and I told her to "not fight it" and meant to word it like " just ignore her" but ya so the for some reason thought that was hilarious. Haha and apparently I love everyone which is totally not the case. Oh haaha and they also think I have like a great family. People assume so much but have no idea who I really am it's entertaining.

Friday, April 10, 2009

good-bye chandra hello mr.mercy. >:|

So today was the first time I worked with the new manager.
To put it nicely he is a piss off! Bleh!
He gets there late! Doesn't turn on any lights or get anything started.
Forgets to get money put in the tills. Retard.
Brushes up against any of the girls working saying oops which it was no oops any of the times he did it.
He has a brace on his hand and when a girl asked him how he hurt his hand he made an awful perverted jesture! He is so so so sick!!
Chandra was the only manager there that was fun to go to work and see. Now that she is gone work will never be something to look foward to at all!!
Oh and to top it all off.. Kayla and Linda were asking when was turned 21 and friggin Steve Mercy was like what you are not turning 21 i'm pretty sure you got hired not to long ago when you had just turned 16 and made me show him i.d. grrr!! That is not something I enjoy being told!
Oh and it's my joy to get to work with him tomorrow night and i'm in box where he likes to sit and jabber away to whoever is in there!
Anyways yeah this is my strange blog about the crappy cinema..

Just a thought..

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

water bed and nightmares!

I have officially had the strangest dream ever. It was so strange!
I have been sleeping on Brooke's water bed which is a very weird thing and I never want to sleep on a water bed again! Okay anyways last night I had the freakiest dream. For some reason that I had no knowledge of I some how lost both my legs like hacked off. But right away I had fake legs that made of wire and rods. I was in panic mode until weekend came and I was in Enumclaw for who knows why. When I got there I was walking around town when I saw Katie and I blurted out "Katie I have NO legs.. well they are FAKE" and she was kinda like "uh what??" I said feel them and she grabbed my leg but my jeans were still covering it and it tickled like no other. So so strange! Then I decided I was going to go find Iraq vets in town that had lost and I went to legs to and give them comfort.. ha ha. So weird. I then continued to walk around town but wobbling because some how I was forgetting how to use my fake legs... but I was determined to find anyone and everyone and tell them I had no legs. Anyways I finally woke up and was totally surprised when I had legs. haaa haaa.
So my idea to why I had this nightmare is because of the lame water bed. When you lay your legs straight out it kinda feels like they are just floating or something so maybe it felt like they were gone??
But ya this is the end of my lame blog (: