Tuesday, May 12, 2009

tri-cities and back.

okay so today minga and i headed to tri-cities to get mary something for her birthday.

it was super hard because we couldn't find anything but..
minga found her a couple cute shirts a way cute sweater, and some tanks.

and i found this..

i love what i got her. it was more expensive than i thought but it all totally reminds me of her (:

its a hollister shirt, an ae shirt, a hollister tank, and a hollister lip gloss.

then for ezzie...

i found some super cute shorts with like little bull dogs on them he loves the kind with something like that on them and of course a muscle shirt because he doesn't like regular shirts and he wanted like a simple lego type thing and i found this!! its like a dinosaur skeleton you can build it is actually super cool. i am pretty sure he will love it.

then i got ashley this cool thing but i don't want her to know what it is its not that cool but stills o i cant post a picture of it yet!

and umm ya!

that was myyy day.