Sunday, May 31, 2009

good times, great oldies.

okay so really there are no great oldies but it makes for good title..i think??

right now i'm visiting the breece's!
yesterday we were trying to think of different things to do and we decided the mall close to seattle was the best plan so we headed for the mall.
we looked at a few different stores but i have to say the funnest thing there was the photo booth outside rain forest cafe'. i
after the mall we decided to head to seattle to find the troll form 10 things i hate about you.
becki is amazing and drove right to it not even knowing.
haaha i love that troll he is pretty amazing the only thing that isn't is the gay drama club that was going over their scrips right in front of it which made is very difficult to take a good picture but their very phony accents were pretty funny i must say.
when we got back to enumclaw we played so badminton which i have to say i am not so great at but i love it!!

ohhh yeah and i got a facebook message telling me to call someone and yeah i have to say i'm sure excited about what the person has planned it's going to be a great time!!


today should be radical too bah haha.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

taya's bright idea..

sooo.. when i picked taya up from school and took her to minga's she decided she needed to pick her nose. i told her to go to the bathroom and wash her hands.. but while she was in the bathroom she found a sweeeet curler brush and decided to be sneaky and give it a try. after about five minutes i asked tay what she was doing in there... she came out totally bright red saying "i i i might need help" yeah i would think so. you can't even see how snarled her hair was around the brush. it took me around 20 minutes of struggling to get out before i thought of getting a comb and slowing pulling the hairs out but she is all good now.
it actually makes me laugh pretty hard looking back at the picture she is a dork.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

well helloooo.

soo countdowns continue.. umm kinda..
ezzie turns 7 tomorrow!!
and the terminator also opens tomorrow people DON'T go see it in the morning puuulease.
only 6 days until my schedule comes out and i see what i got off :)
i didn't get scheduled for the 28th sooo that means i might get the 28th-the what ever it was i asked for off!
only around 9-ish days until i possibly goooo to the breece's!
i got invited to jess' graduation on the 6th! she said annie and her dad will both be there and invited me to go to lunch with them after i'm excited!! in the hopes i don't work.. hmm.
boise ashley comes to washington like right around then too which i'm soo excited for.
jen-nay is coming to spokane from SC june 14th and uncle larry is getting married then too!
um i think that's all for my countdowns at the moment.
soo some how i got sick like a cold thing i really dislike it. haha.
i'm reading a book called "19 minutes" and some how i am getting reality mixed in with fiction and its confusing me way too much. the book is basically about a school shooting i think the author is kinda trying to give you a hint of what it was like for the students of columbine high school. all her books i have noticed however seem to deal with the court skip and i decided. she is the same author that wrote " my sisters keeper" i have a feeling that this book is going to be just as good as the that one. but anyways when i like listen to the news i keep expecting to here something about a school shooting which of course is not actually going on.
well. i don't really have much to say. i wish i had things to take picture of but um i really just don't and i even carry my camera with me every where oh well.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

tri-cities and back.

okay so today minga and i headed to tri-cities to get mary something for her birthday.

it was super hard because we couldn't find anything but..
minga found her a couple cute shirts a way cute sweater, and some tanks.

and i found this..

i love what i got her. it was more expensive than i thought but it all totally reminds me of her (:

its a hollister shirt, an ae shirt, a hollister tank, and a hollister lip gloss.

then for ezzie...

i found some super cute shorts with like little bull dogs on them he loves the kind with something like that on them and of course a muscle shirt because he doesn't like regular shirts and he wanted like a simple lego type thing and i found this!! its like a dinosaur skeleton you can build it is actually super cool. i am pretty sure he will love it.

then i got ashley this cool thing but i don't want her to know what it is its not that cool but stills o i cant post a picture of it yet!

and umm ya!

that was myyy day.

Monday, May 11, 2009

monday humm.

well i'm headed to work in about twenty minutes.

today has started out kinda rough but i'm determined to make it better.

i think after work i'm going to try an convince someone to go walkin with me and if no one does maybe i will take my ipod and go by myself (:

last night i finished a book my friend told me i "had to read"haha it was called "my sisters keeper". someone told me how it ended but yeah they really didn't or i took it the wrong way which was good because then i was still completely surprised when i finished it. it was so intense, sad, uplifting everything. it touches so may subjects it's crazy.

well i just got off work and picked up taya.
today was rather bleh and then again not.

everyone at work throughout the day felt like they were going to pass out i was the first and then one by one so did everyone else. im happy to be out of that place it was awful. rachel got fired too :( saturdays are going to suck so flipping bad now. she always has a double when i do and she is the one who started the nickname rosaaaa for me. saddd day. she sent me a text right after pretty upset. :

earlier i was kinda excited to send a letter to the guy out mom says is our dad but when i went to the post office that feeling changed i felt so stupid after i left. what if he writes back saying i don't want to know, what if he says f*** off, what if he says even if you are i don't care, what if he says i only want to keep in contact with your mom... :/ i'm so worried about it, what if he just sends it back and doesn't even take the time to read it. i didn't tell anyone in my family i was sending it.. that worries me to but i don't want them to know for different reasons. mary said she doesn't care anymore but she goes through phases where she does, my mom would screw it up etc.

tomorrow minga and i are going to tri-cities to get something for mary for her birthday since she already ordered the phone we were going to get her. so that might be pretty fun. then i think lee is coming over for a day or two which i always love :)

anyways yesss that is it. ohh haa and here is my countdown list yet again.
the days might be off 1 or 2.

5 days until: michelle from highschool's wedding that i got an invitation to and am going to if i get the day off.
9 days until: ezzie's 7th birthday.
18 days until: i possibly get my requested time off from work!
20 days until: mary and i turn 21.
26 days until: ashley comes to visit meee maybe!
34 days until: uncle larry's wedding hahaa i'm kinda excited.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


my life is not an exciting one when it comes to blogging. there isn't much to it but oh well i will try to come up with something to say.

this past week has been pretty dull. i'm simply just living i guess you could say that my life is almost at a stand still doing nothing going no where maybe??

work hasn't been bad box is boring but at least i have time to think and don't have to deal with six other people telling me what to clean or who to help i can just rip and give tickets and read when i am not doing that. other than work there has not been much.. just going home or getting tay from school.

i feel cut off from the world and those around me which is so strange because i'm positive i'm not but yet i feel like i'm somehow becoming more of and outsider in the lives of my friends and sisters. it's weird to describe but i feel like some how i'm more of someone they feel they have to keep in contact with to be nice. i hope that isn't the case because i would hate to know thats the only reason people talk to me haahaa.

ohh something new is i went to skips college group thing. it was fun to hangout with her outside of work and with haley! i thought the speaker was really confusing at the thing and i started to zone out but haley and i both agreed he was pretty much speaking a different language and skip texted later to say she didn't like him either. there is suppose to be a better speaker this sunday night but i got scheduled to work box so there is probably no way i can get rid of it and i need the money (: but yeah i'm excited for the next time i might go back.

i want to just leave without notice just decide to go somewhere anywhere with no planning..i was hoping to get today's off in a row but not this schedule period.. maybe the next.

oh geeze this is the type of blog that get created when i really don't have much to say..which is super often so maybe i should try to just avoid blogspot when it comes to blogging myself.