Tuesday, May 5, 2009


my life is not an exciting one when it comes to blogging. there isn't much to it but oh well i will try to come up with something to say.

this past week has been pretty dull. i'm simply just living i guess you could say that my life is almost at a stand still doing nothing going no where maybe??

work hasn't been bad box is boring but at least i have time to think and don't have to deal with six other people telling me what to clean or who to help i can just rip and give tickets and read when i am not doing that. other than work there has not been much.. just going home or getting tay from school.

i feel cut off from the world and those around me which is so strange because i'm positive i'm not but yet i feel like i'm somehow becoming more of and outsider in the lives of my friends and sisters. it's weird to describe but i feel like some how i'm more of someone they feel they have to keep in contact with to be nice. i hope that isn't the case because i would hate to know thats the only reason people talk to me haahaa.

ohh something new is i went to skips college group thing. it was fun to hangout with her outside of work and with haley! i thought the speaker was really confusing at the thing and i started to zone out but haley and i both agreed he was pretty much speaking a different language and skip texted later to say she didn't like him either. there is suppose to be a better speaker this sunday night but i got scheduled to work box so there is probably no way i can get rid of it and i need the money (: but yeah i'm excited for the next time i might go back.

i want to just leave without notice just decide to go somewhere anywhere with no planning..i was hoping to get today's off in a row but not this schedule period.. maybe the next.

oh geeze this is the type of blog that get created when i really don't have much to say..which is super often so maybe i should try to just avoid blogspot when it comes to blogging myself.