Wednesday, May 20, 2009

well helloooo.

soo countdowns continue.. umm kinda..
ezzie turns 7 tomorrow!!
and the terminator also opens tomorrow people DON'T go see it in the morning puuulease.
only 6 days until my schedule comes out and i see what i got off :)
i didn't get scheduled for the 28th sooo that means i might get the 28th-the what ever it was i asked for off!
only around 9-ish days until i possibly goooo to the breece's!
i got invited to jess' graduation on the 6th! she said annie and her dad will both be there and invited me to go to lunch with them after i'm excited!! in the hopes i don't work.. hmm.
boise ashley comes to washington like right around then too which i'm soo excited for.
jen-nay is coming to spokane from SC june 14th and uncle larry is getting married then too!
um i think that's all for my countdowns at the moment.
soo some how i got sick like a cold thing i really dislike it. haha.
i'm reading a book called "19 minutes" and some how i am getting reality mixed in with fiction and its confusing me way too much. the book is basically about a school shooting i think the author is kinda trying to give you a hint of what it was like for the students of columbine high school. all her books i have noticed however seem to deal with the court skip and i decided. she is the same author that wrote " my sisters keeper" i have a feeling that this book is going to be just as good as the that one. but anyways when i like listen to the news i keep expecting to here something about a school shooting which of course is not actually going on.
well. i don't really have much to say. i wish i had things to take picture of but um i really just don't and i even carry my camera with me every where oh well.