Sunday, February 15, 2009

be happy for this moment.. this moment is your life.

i am about to head to work but i decided i need to stop thinking about my problems i don't have any! my life is super good compared to a ton! so yesss i am heading to work determined to just be happy!

--> i have a mom who doesn't do drugs or beat on me.

--> a grandma who watched out for us always and still does!

--> an older sister who would be willing to beat up anyone i asked and can be super super funny when she is just a weeee drunk ;)

--> a twin that shares so many really stupid memories no one could ever understand.

--> a friend (becki) who lets me vent when ever i need to and i know wouldbe over here in a second if i needed her without a doubt. (:
-actually all the breece's are pretty grrrreat!

--> annie and brittany who in their own way always keep in touch just with some spaces is all.

--> lee who is someone everyone should have the pleasure of knowing i thank him for so much.

so yeah. i should be grateful that i have so many great people in my life. nothing super horrible has ever happened to me. i'm sure if i just go out to the store i could find someone who has gone through so much more than i could imagine so i'm just going to be happy and stop being a butt!

sucky salsa

so last night actually wasn't that horrible although there were tons and tons of couples out for a movie. for some reason the first things i always decide to do at the end of the night is clean the salsa pumps out because they sicken me to no end.. but the one thing i never put together is why my arms always break out in hives at the end of the night and sting reallly bad but last night it finally hit me. the exact place salsa always sprays on my arms is were i break out and it stings. so i friggin am never touching the salsa again i hate it and i can deal with it being super gross!!