Wednesday, February 11, 2009

all my little countdowns.

so ever since i can remember i have always counted down to anything and everything. it's kinda weird but seems to keep me entertained. it's pretty super saddening when i don't have anything to count down to.
but i was thinking and currently i have a few things so i'm pretty happy!

countdown to the breece's! only six friggin days!!
pretty much i count on this countdown now. everytime i come home i feel like i'm missing something and i try hard to plan another time to come over so i have the countdown always going. it keeps me going that break and fun time is so needed and great!

countdown to creation!
now don't think i have it down to days because well my brain is too small for that but it's fifteen weeks woohooo!
can't wait even though while at creation i get super wiped and depending on who is around me flustered but i still loveeeeee all the music!

countdown to my 21st!! only like four months. not like this countdown is all that great because pretty much i am determined to not turn out like my family in anyway so the whole drinkin thing i highly doubt will happen even as bad as my sisters plan to make it happen they are retards haha. what i want is to go to the cheesecake factory since johnny said we would and we didn't lameo! but yesssss i'm gonna be 21 in four months and people are still going to think i'm a whole 17.

dang it there are more but my mind is alkfhdash and i can't think. like you care lol they aren't your countdowns but even thinkin about them makes me happy!

ohh yess miss jennie keith from SC is comin to spokane early june-ish and is gonna come and see me that too is only four months way i'm not sure i will be able to handle her and all her loudness for to long but i will be happy to try (:

thats just my bleh of a blog!