Tuesday, December 1, 2009

wish list.

random people have been asking me what's on my "wish list" and umm i don't think i have actually had made a wishlist since i was maybe five. anyways i figured it might be fun to make one this year. they things are in no order what so ever.

*grey's anatomy box set (sounds insane expensive but in reality it's only about 70.00 for all five seasons compared to 40.00+ for just one season.)

*last book of the twilight series-breaking dawn or anything twilight.

*the the first taylor swift cd or the newest special edition one.

*anything from fuego haha.

*any of the following posters: the ugly truth, time travelers wife, 10 things i hate about you, or a walk to remember.

*a trip to forks, wa hahaha or queen anne hill to find the grey's intern house bah haha.

*to hear from little miss shantell in someway. (:

*clothes they are always good. ;)

*grey's anatomy game or guitar hero game for DS.

*jason castro cd.

*digital picture frame.

*new converse.

*grey or brown northface denali jacket ebay status.

*anything from the grey's anatomy shop online.