Friday, February 6, 2009

popcorn popper.. with a little greys.

i once actually thought it could be fun to work at a theatre and help myself to all the popcorn and cheese i could eat.
i wasssss so not thinking!

i am already for a new job will i find one? no. i have got to stick it out there friggin are no jobs around the trash can of yakima.

so it is my new found joy to get to work a double tomorrow. not! it's gonna be a longgggg day. oh well i guess. it's moneyyy which i dooo need. :/

there is one upside this job really does beat being a "professional" fabric cutter for old ladies that you want to run away like forest gump from.

that is my rant.
ohhh no wait one more bare with me here or not if ya don't feel like it.
so for the past month or so the one thing that has kept me happy is running home from work to watch greys anatomy which is probably the best show since mr. rodgers...just kidding if your being a little air headed lol.. no offense i always am. but ya so i have been watching all the episodes rented from blockbusters faithfully and i finally finished the last episode of season four and season five wont come out for months!! i'm so pissed.... and if i decide to watch it on tv i have already missed half the season how dumb is that!! so i'm stuck wondering what's up with grey and shepard or alex and ava or izzy and george! so retarded.

i will leave you alone now thanks for reading if you made it to the end (: