Sunday, February 1, 2009


if you haven't gone or have no idea what creation is you are for sure missing out.
it is probably the most amazing concert festival ever created! i have been the past three years and every year it only continues to get better! so this is mainly to ashley duncan only the most amazing idaho bestie you could ask for!
okay ash here ya go...

this is the first year i went july '06..

three lessons learned

#1: always wear sunblock!

#2: don't play shy be outgoing!

#3: don't ever fall asleep during a concert!

oh yesss +#4: don't be afraid to break into worship! no one would dare stare!

second year i went july '07..

three lessons learned

#1: late night tent talks and the best thing ever1

#2: porta pottys can and will be locked by a zip tie.

#3: mosh pits are so much funner than watching from the grass!

third year i went to creation july 08

three lessons learned:

#1: david crowder look alikes tend to be walking around.

#2: walking around the campsites talking and hugging anyone around is alot funner than it sounds.

#3: children's tent is actually super fun!