Saturday, February 21, 2009

stupid stupid stupid.

so i'm back in lame crackkkkima. no fun.. even though it's only been like a whole hour or something. the stupid thing is i realized i friggin don't work until monday that makes me so pissed. i'm a retard!!

i love visiting the breeces. i could stay there forever and ever and ever. even though after awhile i miss home but as soon as i get home i realize how much it truly sucks.

but anyways...

i had a ton of fun!

we went to see mall cop last night i loved it so hilarious! all of it!

ohh lol and we went to the mall twice i got an amazingggg shirt! and running shoes anddd a new purse that is more my age lol.

thanks for the great week guys. already miss ya!!

this picture of moses cracks me up!