Wednesday, April 1, 2009

water bed and nightmares!

I have officially had the strangest dream ever. It was so strange!
I have been sleeping on Brooke's water bed which is a very weird thing and I never want to sleep on a water bed again! Okay anyways last night I had the freakiest dream. For some reason that I had no knowledge of I some how lost both my legs like hacked off. But right away I had fake legs that made of wire and rods. I was in panic mode until weekend came and I was in Enumclaw for who knows why. When I got there I was walking around town when I saw Katie and I blurted out "Katie I have NO legs.. well they are FAKE" and she was kinda like "uh what??" I said feel them and she grabbed my leg but my jeans were still covering it and it tickled like no other. So so strange! Then I decided I was going to go find Iraq vets in town that had lost and I went to legs to and give them comfort.. ha ha. So weird. I then continued to walk around town but wobbling because some how I was forgetting how to use my fake legs... but I was determined to find anyone and everyone and tell them I had no legs. Anyways I finally woke up and was totally surprised when I had legs. haaa haaa.
So my idea to why I had this nightmare is because of the lame water bed. When you lay your legs straight out it kinda feels like they are just floating or something so maybe it felt like they were gone??
But ya this is the end of my lame blog (: