Wednesday, February 18, 2009

osta la vista yakima!

so i'm visiting becki and everyone right now. she came and picked me up yesterday! i love visiting here. moses and solly crack me up! there is always something going on vs. at home where its just work and home work and home nothing ever goes on. so yaaa i'm super happy to be here (:

today we went to like some hue hefner type house that in it's own way is kinda creepy but cool. becki is house watching or whatever you call it so yeah but anyways the house is right next to the green river which i have to say freaks me out the most ahhh! we went down to the river and on the way saw elk poop and it looks super strange kinda like a huge rabbit hopped across the yard or something. ohh and i convinced becki to go and get her hair cut today and when she did i started looking at those hair magazine things or whatever.. anyways so the only hair cut i like or whatever was similar to mine and i looked at the little description of the girl in the picture whatever super creeeepy but it was a twin name rose. anyways wow this blog is a ramble but who cares.

just thought i would say that enumclaw or there arounds-ish wayyy beats crappy ole yakima by a long shot.