Sunday, October 25, 2009

an iris blog.

lover face herself.
so she did a funraiser thing at school and earned those things..
see becki i am really not short ellie is megaaaaa mega tall ;)

so for the past day i have been helping get iris' room together. she wanted a tinkerbell room.

which is a really good thing because i had a crap load of tinkerbell stuff at my moms from when my mom thought i was obesessed with her.. so i got to give all that to her. and we found a border at wal-mart which set the theme of the room. so here you go.

iris got a horse from one of those spinny things haha the crap you find at yard sales.. and umm my mom is willing to buy.. and umm my tink pillows.
my old trash can.
this lamp was something i got for christmas and thought was sooo amazing her wings are a night light its pretty impressive.
her border.
andddd the finished room!!

sleepover (:

after a simpson sleepover ezzie and taya decided they wanted take pictures.. so now i have some very very random pictures of different objects and such but here are some that turned out cute.
notice iris isn't far off in size from taya even though she is double her age. ;)
miss taya eve.
and iris dawn.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

i am never going to be a professional mover. ever.

so i have been helping missy move for the past three days.
and maybe i'm just exhausted or something but these last three days have been super tough.
today was semi okay for the first part and i got most of iris' room painted.
it looks like it completely clashes but it really doesn't when the border goes up... plus she picked the colors.

and my mom and i happened to spot the wienermobile while running to target real quick.

Monday, October 19, 2009

rose davis has a mom.

kinda crazy but she was a super super cute little kid.
she has always even now worn flower hats.... oh man.

sonu ;)

and these are her kids haha. ps she did the crazy make-up.

soo i don't have an old picture of miss except this one.. missy is the blonde one lookin like a punk.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

kitchen duty. ((:

anthony decided he was going to cook soo that's what happened..
i have wanted to make batman brownies for at least over a year but never actually done it. so haha today we did!

then anthony got carried away with the powdered sugar and umm.. hah then i didn't realize how much was actually on my hands...

when umm this happened.. i honestly thought he would only get a little on him.. but that wasn't the case.

soo here are the batman brownies..

anthony's umm amazingness.. hahaa.

and the cookies i bought but decided to just stick in a pan and add some extra chocolate chips when anthony brought it up.

Monday, October 5, 2009

hilary swank status..

okayy so a couple times i have been told i look like hilary swank..
haha but then you go and look at picture comparison haha and you realize..
that that's really not the case...