Friday, February 27, 2009

next step who knows..

Oh my goodness. I have no idea what next step in life I should take. I woah idk. I guess there really isn't too many options but that doesn't make it any easier..

I know I would love to go to college. Cost is one issue but if I really tried I know without a doubt I could have enough money to take a couple classes... the next issue is where YVCC?? hmm.

Should I not go to college and just keep working at the crappy cinema?? This is the last thing I would like to do.. but either way college or no college I will need a job but I don't like the cinema at all.

What about quiting the cinema and finding a job I actually someone can stand?? I want to work with kids so badly but day cares sound like they might be a little hard to actually get a job with.. but anything without popcorn sounds good at the moment wait no fabric either thanks.

My mind also goes to missions the thing is that is never going to put me further in life and I am not near as open about that stuff anymore so not too sure. Maybe the New York internship?? I have a friend that just got done with hers and she loved it but now she is home without a job or school and I know that is exactly where I would be so herm thinking about this I doubt this option is for me.

Anyways ramble ramble ramble. Thanks for listening...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

courtroom with a little pain.. haha.

so today started out pretty good. ming and i were goin to go see marley and me and not plan anything else but just stayin home. but that ended up not working out. but it worked out semi good because missy wanted someone to go to court with her to try and bring the price of ther ticket down. anyways we got to the courtroom two minutes early in the process missing "role call" like we are in first grade or something so we had to sit and listen to all the cases some of which were really funny and you couldn't help but laugh. so yeah we were the last called after two and a half hours or so of waiting lameness. we were suppose to be called like only a half hour after waiting. missy's ticket went from almost 700 to just 125.
after all that missy wanted to go see mary get her tattoo done. yuck. i wanted to get sick the idea of stabbing a needle into your body is kinda gross. haha and mare was getting a tattoo on her stomach fixed which is a horrible thing because we are both way overly ticklish haha and she tends to cry not laugh even if you are just touching her stomach so there she lay not crying because it's hurting but crying because it tickles it was pretty funny. i haven't seen the finished tattoo because missy and i went to go get the kids. but yeah it was lookin pretty good. mary called and said she bled through her jeans kinda grosssss.

but yes that is my day. not much to it.
everything is going well for the most part minus my mom etc.
ohh but minga is like super sad which is no good so i have been trying to make her happy but it turns out i'm not very good at it... "oh well".

Sunday, February 22, 2009

what did i do this time??

for the bazillion time my mom is not talknig to me.
i am always left wondering what i did to get her so pissed.
will i ever actually please her. i doubt it yet i can't seem to stop trying.
i don't want to feel guilty i want to feel happy about getting away from it all even if it is because she is mad at me.

i wonder if i am just rude and hard on her. i don't even know.

i doubt anyone will read this but anyways.

i just don't really know anymore. sometimes i wonder if she is really as bad as she seems. she can be so nice sometimes but then it all changes in a matter of hours i'm so jsghdlfksjghlsjkf i don't even know anymore.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

stupid stupid stupid.

so i'm back in lame crackkkkima. no fun.. even though it's only been like a whole hour or something. the stupid thing is i realized i friggin don't work until monday that makes me so pissed. i'm a retard!!

i love visiting the breeces. i could stay there forever and ever and ever. even though after awhile i miss home but as soon as i get home i realize how much it truly sucks.

but anyways...

i had a ton of fun!

we went to see mall cop last night i loved it so hilarious! all of it!

ohh lol and we went to the mall twice i got an amazingggg shirt! and running shoes anddd a new purse that is more my age lol.

thanks for the great week guys. already miss ya!!

this picture of moses cracks me up!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


i'm pretty sure last night was like the scariest thing ever.
around like 1:30 i woke up because something i swear was knocking on my window super loud!
so yeah i started freaking out a little but was not about to look outside. then i decided it was nothing buttt no then it happened again then it sound like it moved to becki's grandma's window by that time i was getting super terrified that it was some animal or person trying to break in! ahhh!
so i like bolted out of my room and becki's mom was up watching some show she heard whatever that was too! and went outside to check it out but didn't find anything super scary.
haha she was like ohhh there is a ladder outside your window and i'm not sure if it was already down or if something happened and your window doesn't lock. so whatever thing it was.. was too dumb to open the friggin window thankfully!
i am just going to assume it was a crazzzzzy raccoon that was wanting food because my sister said when they knock on windows they sound just like humans.
but anyways that was my exciting night.
ps the window now has wood blocking it so all is good (: haha.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

osta la vista yakima!

so i'm visiting becki and everyone right now. she came and picked me up yesterday! i love visiting here. moses and solly crack me up! there is always something going on vs. at home where its just work and home work and home nothing ever goes on. so yaaa i'm super happy to be here (:

today we went to like some hue hefner type house that in it's own way is kinda creepy but cool. becki is house watching or whatever you call it so yeah but anyways the house is right next to the green river which i have to say freaks me out the most ahhh! we went down to the river and on the way saw elk poop and it looks super strange kinda like a huge rabbit hopped across the yard or something. ohh and i convinced becki to go and get her hair cut today and when she did i started looking at those hair magazine things or whatever.. anyways so the only hair cut i like or whatever was similar to mine and i looked at the little description of the girl in the picture whatever super creeeepy but it was a twin name rose. anyways wow this blog is a ramble but who cares.

just thought i would say that enumclaw or there arounds-ish wayyy beats crappy ole yakima by a long shot.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

be happy for this moment.. this moment is your life.

i am about to head to work but i decided i need to stop thinking about my problems i don't have any! my life is super good compared to a ton! so yesss i am heading to work determined to just be happy!

--> i have a mom who doesn't do drugs or beat on me.

--> a grandma who watched out for us always and still does!

--> an older sister who would be willing to beat up anyone i asked and can be super super funny when she is just a weeee drunk ;)

--> a twin that shares so many really stupid memories no one could ever understand.

--> a friend (becki) who lets me vent when ever i need to and i know wouldbe over here in a second if i needed her without a doubt. (:
-actually all the breece's are pretty grrrreat!

--> annie and brittany who in their own way always keep in touch just with some spaces is all.

--> lee who is someone everyone should have the pleasure of knowing i thank him for so much.

so yeah. i should be grateful that i have so many great people in my life. nothing super horrible has ever happened to me. i'm sure if i just go out to the store i could find someone who has gone through so much more than i could imagine so i'm just going to be happy and stop being a butt!

sucky salsa

so last night actually wasn't that horrible although there were tons and tons of couples out for a movie. for some reason the first things i always decide to do at the end of the night is clean the salsa pumps out because they sicken me to no end.. but the one thing i never put together is why my arms always break out in hives at the end of the night and sting reallly bad but last night it finally hit me. the exact place salsa always sprays on my arms is were i break out and it stings. so i friggin am never touching the salsa again i hate it and i can deal with it being super gross!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

curls and my china man!

sooo bobby my grandma's crazy dog came in the other day after digging i managed to chase him down and just like in every picture i take of him he looks friggin chinese so he is my dirty little chinaaa man. (:

i also woke up super bored this morning and decided to curl my hair just to see what it would look like since i haven't done it in years and well the turn out wasn't that great and it took forever and a day because even after thinning my hair it's still like a horse take all sick.

on more little random thing to add to this blog i am a ps i love you fanatic and i just got my ps i love you poster and you have to admire it too!

Friday, February 13, 2009

crappp of valentines day.

dude i'm so blehhh about valentines day!

guys are retarded.

it only makes sense that mary would have like three guys at her feet beggin to spend valentines day with her and her stupid sister would have yet again no one.

super lame-o. i get to go to work and see all the cute little couples going out for a show while i'm the same as last year not good enough for any normal guy my age. maybe i should be mexican would that help there seem to be alot of those guys around here.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

frggin ugh.

being a twin can super suck!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

all my little countdowns.

so ever since i can remember i have always counted down to anything and everything. it's kinda weird but seems to keep me entertained. it's pretty super saddening when i don't have anything to count down to.
but i was thinking and currently i have a few things so i'm pretty happy!

countdown to the breece's! only six friggin days!!
pretty much i count on this countdown now. everytime i come home i feel like i'm missing something and i try hard to plan another time to come over so i have the countdown always going. it keeps me going that break and fun time is so needed and great!

countdown to creation!
now don't think i have it down to days because well my brain is too small for that but it's fifteen weeks woohooo!
can't wait even though while at creation i get super wiped and depending on who is around me flustered but i still loveeeeee all the music!

countdown to my 21st!! only like four months. not like this countdown is all that great because pretty much i am determined to not turn out like my family in anyway so the whole drinkin thing i highly doubt will happen even as bad as my sisters plan to make it happen they are retards haha. what i want is to go to the cheesecake factory since johnny said we would and we didn't lameo! but yesssss i'm gonna be 21 in four months and people are still going to think i'm a whole 17.

dang it there are more but my mind is alkfhdash and i can't think. like you care lol they aren't your countdowns but even thinkin about them makes me happy!

ohh yess miss jennie keith from SC is comin to spokane early june-ish and is gonna come and see me that too is only four months way i'm not sure i will be able to handle her and all her loudness for to long but i will be happy to try (:

thats just my bleh of a blog!

Friday, February 6, 2009

popcorn popper.. with a little greys.

i once actually thought it could be fun to work at a theatre and help myself to all the popcorn and cheese i could eat.
i wasssss so not thinking!

i am already for a new job will i find one? no. i have got to stick it out there friggin are no jobs around the trash can of yakima.

so it is my new found joy to get to work a double tomorrow. not! it's gonna be a longgggg day. oh well i guess. it's moneyyy which i dooo need. :/

there is one upside this job really does beat being a "professional" fabric cutter for old ladies that you want to run away like forest gump from.

that is my rant.
ohhh no wait one more bare with me here or not if ya don't feel like it.
so for the past month or so the one thing that has kept me happy is running home from work to watch greys anatomy which is probably the best show since mr. rodgers...just kidding if your being a little air headed lol.. no offense i always am. but ya so i have been watching all the episodes rented from blockbusters faithfully and i finally finished the last episode of season four and season five wont come out for months!! i'm so pissed.... and if i decide to watch it on tv i have already missed half the season how dumb is that!! so i'm stuck wondering what's up with grey and shepard or alex and ava or izzy and george! so retarded.

i will leave you alone now thanks for reading if you made it to the end (:

Sunday, February 1, 2009


if you haven't gone or have no idea what creation is you are for sure missing out.
it is probably the most amazing concert festival ever created! i have been the past three years and every year it only continues to get better! so this is mainly to ashley duncan only the most amazing idaho bestie you could ask for!
okay ash here ya go...

this is the first year i went july '06..

three lessons learned

#1: always wear sunblock!

#2: don't play shy be outgoing!

#3: don't ever fall asleep during a concert!

oh yesss +#4: don't be afraid to break into worship! no one would dare stare!

second year i went july '07..

three lessons learned

#1: late night tent talks and the best thing ever1

#2: porta pottys can and will be locked by a zip tie.

#3: mosh pits are so much funner than watching from the grass!

third year i went to creation july 08

three lessons learned:

#1: david crowder look alikes tend to be walking around.

#2: walking around the campsites talking and hugging anyone around is alot funner than it sounds.

#3: children's tent is actually super fun!