Monday, May 11, 2009

monday humm.

well i'm headed to work in about twenty minutes.

today has started out kinda rough but i'm determined to make it better.

i think after work i'm going to try an convince someone to go walkin with me and if no one does maybe i will take my ipod and go by myself (:

last night i finished a book my friend told me i "had to read"haha it was called "my sisters keeper". someone told me how it ended but yeah they really didn't or i took it the wrong way which was good because then i was still completely surprised when i finished it. it was so intense, sad, uplifting everything. it touches so may subjects it's crazy.

well i just got off work and picked up taya.
today was rather bleh and then again not.

everyone at work throughout the day felt like they were going to pass out i was the first and then one by one so did everyone else. im happy to be out of that place it was awful. rachel got fired too :( saturdays are going to suck so flipping bad now. she always has a double when i do and she is the one who started the nickname rosaaaa for me. saddd day. she sent me a text right after pretty upset. :

earlier i was kinda excited to send a letter to the guy out mom says is our dad but when i went to the post office that feeling changed i felt so stupid after i left. what if he writes back saying i don't want to know, what if he says f*** off, what if he says even if you are i don't care, what if he says i only want to keep in contact with your mom... :/ i'm so worried about it, what if he just sends it back and doesn't even take the time to read it. i didn't tell anyone in my family i was sending it.. that worries me to but i don't want them to know for different reasons. mary said she doesn't care anymore but she goes through phases where she does, my mom would screw it up etc.

tomorrow minga and i are going to tri-cities to get something for mary for her birthday since she already ordered the phone we were going to get her. so that might be pretty fun. then i think lee is coming over for a day or two which i always love :)

anyways yesss that is it. ohh haa and here is my countdown list yet again.
the days might be off 1 or 2.

5 days until: michelle from highschool's wedding that i got an invitation to and am going to if i get the day off.
9 days until: ezzie's 7th birthday.
18 days until: i possibly get my requested time off from work!
20 days until: mary and i turn 21.
26 days until: ashley comes to visit meee maybe!
34 days until: uncle larry's wedding hahaa i'm kinda excited.