Thursday, February 19, 2009


i'm pretty sure last night was like the scariest thing ever.
around like 1:30 i woke up because something i swear was knocking on my window super loud!
so yeah i started freaking out a little but was not about to look outside. then i decided it was nothing buttt no then it happened again then it sound like it moved to becki's grandma's window by that time i was getting super terrified that it was some animal or person trying to break in! ahhh!
so i like bolted out of my room and becki's mom was up watching some show she heard whatever that was too! and went outside to check it out but didn't find anything super scary.
haha she was like ohhh there is a ladder outside your window and i'm not sure if it was already down or if something happened and your window doesn't lock. so whatever thing it was.. was too dumb to open the friggin window thankfully!
i am just going to assume it was a crazzzzzy raccoon that was wanting food because my sister said when they knock on windows they sound just like humans.
but anyways that was my exciting night.
ps the window now has wood blocking it so all is good (: haha.