Thursday, March 5, 2009

what a prick.

okay this is just super ridiculous.
i have been talking to this one guy (colby davis the twin..)
anyways he texted me like the day before yesterday saying..
"hey we need to go to a movie or something"
i said "yeah that sounds good"
we just needed to figure out a time. he worked the last two days and i worked tonight.
anyways so we've just been talking and what not.
he was being super sweet too.
but then tonight the friggin' genius to the theatre..
with some other CHICK!
what a fat loseeeeeeer!
that totally pissed me off.
you don't ask a girl out one night.. then turn around and take another girl to the theatre you work at when your working...
and it gets even better..
he decides to stand in my line i was already helping someone and the other girl wasn't but he decides to wait for me to help him and the girl he was with!
what a retard.
glad i found out he was a friggin' player before actually went to a show or anything.
gayyy face.
i wish i was the confronting type.