Tuesday, April 20, 2010

a night of slightly different sorts.

went to community with bryn tonight and i didn't feel like getting up and leaving like i normally do at church things.

tonight was actually good.
if you know me you know if given a true option i will not be one to take part in communion..
but tonight was different.
i took communion.
not only that but i found myself listening to everything that was being said.

and knowing when your heart is being hardened.
the three things that stuck out to me.
tonight was just different.
i actually want to make a change. to be the encourager to my friends/ my family.
i realize i have made a hard shell around my heart tried to not allow much in.
i'm going to try to work on that.
jumping from thought to thought seems to be my deal tonight.
sorry to all those reading but it's what's on my mind.

just to let you all know however i want to try to be the encouraging friend, the one that's there for you no matter what. whether you are having a bad day for no reason or the whole world seems to have fallen on your shoulders.